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On this page we’re including high quality articles, templates, tools and training guides. Many of these resources are free for you to download and others are available to you for a very reasonable price.

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Strategic Planning

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Table of Contents:

What is Strategic Planning?

Why is Strategic Planning important?

The major steps in a strategic planning process:

  1. Determine
  2. Dream
  3. Build
  4. Manage

Strategic Planning Basics – Building Plans for Success


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Training Guides

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Utilizing a best practices approach to board governance, this 120 page booklet provides you with the knowledge, tools and templates so you can improve the effectiveness of your board of directors.

Governing Effectively booklet


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Create a fun way for new directors to learn about the basic principles of Leadership Focused Governance in an orientation session to your board or as a refresher for existing board directors. Help you and other board directors:

  • learn about the philosophy and principles of Leadership Focused Governance;
  • demonstrate how board directors often hold differing views about the role of the board and the role of the Chief Executive;
  • learn governance best practices regarding the roles and responsibilities of the board and the Chief Executive using this approach to governing;
  • introduce you to the appropriate work of the board and what the board should be doing at its board meetings;
  • identify those areas of this approach to governing where you would benefit from additional information or clarification;
  • have some fun while getting to know other board directors.

The Governance Board Game


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20 Questions About Risk

Each “20 Questions” publication is designed to be a concise, easy-to-read introduction to an issue of importance to directors. The question format reflects the oversight role of directors which includes asking a lot of questions. For each question there is a brief explanatory background and some recommended practices.

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Stay Out Of The Kitchen

One of the key governing roles of a board is to provide guidance and direction to the organization. This is usually done through the mission, vision and strategic goals set by the board. If the organization has a paid Chief Exutive or Executive Director, it is up to this person to develop and implement strategies and tactics required to achieve the goals.

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Ditch Your Board Composition Matrix

You know the board matrix: it has a list of skills and competencies that are “supposed” to be on the board, such as legal, marketing, HR, fundraising, finance. And typically there are also demographic qualities, such as gender, race, age. The board matrix then shows what boxes you presumably need to fill.

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Taking Governance Seriously

It is not unusual for many board directors to view their board responsibilities as something they only give time to at the monthly board meeting. Unless they are involved in a committee or task group or volunteer to help out with one of the organization’s activities, they are not likely to spend much time on their governance role.

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