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Our mission is to improve the performance of non-profit organizations.

Working together with our clients we ensure that non-profit boards of Directors, Board Chairs, CEO’s and Executive Directors more fully understand their roles and responsibilities in executing the valuable work that they do. We highlight and reinforce the notion that boards need to focus on setting direction and ‘steering’ where the boat is going, and chief executives need to focus on ‘rowing’ the boat in that chosen direction.

Our approach to board governance enables and elevates you.

We create a fun and collaborative environment with our clients, as we lead you through proven processes and tools so that you can gain significant knowledge, experience, and exposure to the current best practices in effective board governance.

Our ‘Governance Best Practice’ approach and ‘Leadership Centred Governance Model’ is based on the principles and practices of highly effective non-profit boards across British Columbia and throughout North America. The methodology, training materials and tools are all anchored in tried and tested fundamentals which have been developed over the past four decades.

Board Governance | Strategic Planning | Risk Assessment.

It takes all three to succeed!

Complimenting our foundational work in effective board governance, we also offer our clients thorough and customized processes in areas of strategic planning and organizational risk assessment.

These processes and the content are continually updated and adapted to remain relevant in the market and extremely valuable to any non-profit organization no matter how big or small.


The Key Message

In order for your non-profit organization to be successful and remain sustainable you need to understand how to govern yourselves effectively, routinely assess the inherent risks you face, and develop comprehensive strategies to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.


Your organization can become even more successful by working with us!

“Colin makes challenging problems seem straightforward and solvable, the result being a clear and focused strategy for the future. And, you might even have fun getting there!”