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Know your not-for-profit organization’s priorities

Like all of you reading this, I’ve had to adapt significantly to the new environment. Some of the adjustments have been easy and some, well, not so much. However, from a business perspective, it has been a positive experience overall, for which I am grateful. I recognize many have not been as fortunate.

In my business, I focus on helping not-for-profit organizations achieve better performance. As you can imagine, this sector has been devastated the pandemic. This external force has been the ultimate disruptor and continues to disrupt so many elements of the not-for-profit operating model, from staffing and board recruitment to funding and volunteer engagement.

Working closely with many organizations this past year has reinforced for me the critical components every not-for-profit needs to focus on as they move forward. As I’ve said before, while we can’t do much about what is behind us, we can always do more to prepare for the future.

5 Critical components of any non-profit organization

  1. A clear and well understood mission (purpose) and vision (success) for the organization.
  2. A “best-practices”-based board governance model.
  3. A compelling and straightforward strategic plan.
  4. An appropriate board member recruiting and succession plan.
  5. A risk management mindset.

Making these your priority in the near term will not only help you navigate your way through the current crises (hopefully a short timeline) but also, most importantly, prepare your organization for the next major disruptor. Don’t delay, your not-for-profit’s future depends on it.