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Take your board

to a whole new level…

Chances are, your board has a wealth of talent and experience.
But is it realizing its full potential?

The Governance Group can be the catalyst needed to help you achieve that goal.

Independent, objective, goal-oriented, and able to bring fresh thinking to the table,
The Governance Group can provide the kind of guidance your board or chief executive
needs to maximize performance and improve board and director effectiveness.

That’s why so many boards and directors count on The Governance Group.



  • Assessing Board Performance
  • Governance Models, Structures & Best Practices
  • Roles, Responsibilities, & Authority of Boards, Directors and Chief Executives
  • Role of Policy in Governing
  • Terms of Reference for Boards and Directors
  • Strategic & Operational planning
  • Chief Executive Performance Evaluation
  • Oversight
  • Governance & Operational Reviews
  • Policy & Bylaw Development & Review
  • Board Development & Training


Assessing Board Performance
Advice and Guidance on Governance Issues and Best Practices
Design and Facilitation of Strategic and Operational Planning
Chief Executive
 Performance Evaluation Meeting and Retreat  Facilitation

tools & resources.

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Governing Effectively: Essential Knowledge and Tools for Boards and Board Directors

This booklet contains many ‘best practice tools’ that will help a board govern effectively.

Table of Contents:
Framework for Governing – The Six Elements
Sample Framework Principles
Sample Code of Conduct
Sample Terms of Reference for the Board
The Work of the Board & The Chief Executive
The Chairperson’s Job: An Overview
Sample Terms of Reference for Directors
Committees & Task Forces
Sample Terms of Reference for the Board Chair
The Chair’s Job – An Overview
Sample Duties, Roles & Responsibilities of the Chief Executive – An Overview
Sample Board & Chief Executive Roles, Responsibilities & Authority
Developing Board Agendas
Consent Agenda
What Policies do we need?
Policy Examples
Succession Planning
Chief Executive Performance Evaluation
Tools for Assessing Board Performance
Governance Infrastructure

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