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Over the past few years, I’ve had the very good fortune to work for, and consult to, some great organizations in both business and the not for profit sector. Some of these organizations are very large, global and market leading, and some are very small, local, and “hope to be” market leading organizations one day. The really successful ones, the ones that stand above the rest no matter how big or small, have some common characteristics and attributes.

These attributes are not the end point, or the definition of success. They are characteristics that need continual attention and refinement over time, and if given appropriate attention, they will lead to increased success in any organization. My short list is:

1) Strong leadership
2) Well defined and compelling vision (success), mission (purpose) and values (culture)
3) Client/customer or end user focus
4) Fun!

Let’s look at strong leadership for a moment.

Great leaders in successful organizations guide, support, listen to, motivate, communicate and reward people. It’s all about the people! Not every great leader possesses exactly the same characteristics as the next, but they all have a common understanding on how to motivate and empower people.

Employees in any organization, no matter how big or how small, need to believe that they are being led so they know what to follow. Good leadership generates great followership. People want to be engaged and motivated by not only the activities they perform, but by the leaders who set direction and priorities. Great leaders never forget this responsibility.

I look forward to sharing some thoughts on the other important attributes over the next few weeks. Until next time, have a great day!