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Getting the right people on your board.

One area of concern for many boards, especially when they are recruiting candidates for director positions is the composition the board. Some want to ensure that they have a lawyer and accountant on the board and others are totally opposed. Opinion is divided on the...

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Even in a crisis, your role is to govern

The Chair’s role and responsibilities do not change during a crisis like the current pandemic. The essential role of the Chair generally, and in a crisis, is to manage the board and its work and ensure that the board continues to govern. This is a time when some board...

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Pivot or double down

I hear the word “pivot” a lot lately. It seems like everyone is pivoting or they think they should consider pivoting. It seems like it’s the new business buzz word during this pandemic, but I’m not sure I completely understand what it is meant to describe. If I look...

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Four attributes of great organizations

Over the past few years, I’ve had the very good fortune to work for, and consult to, some great organizations in both business and the not for profit sector. Some of these organizations are very large, global and market leading, and some are very small, local, and...

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