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The Board workplan – critical to good governance!

One of the first requirements for an effective Board is to have a workplan for the coming year. The strategic plan outlines what the organization seeks to accomplish, but generally does not indicate the Board’s particular initiatives. It must determine the specifics...

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Succession planning part two: Board Leadership

Succession planning means more than just ensuring a strong, healthy board membership.  One important aspect of succession planning is ensuring that the leadership of the board most commonly known as the Executive or board officers, has the talent and capability...

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Succession Planning: Part one – board members

Succession planning is a responsibility that receives far too little attention from most boards.  Yet the future success and effectiveness of a board can be increased considerably by a well thought out succession plan. Why should we have a succession plan? The...

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Getting the right people on your board.

One area of concern for many boards, especially when they are recruiting candidates for director positions is the composition the board. Some want to ensure that they have a lawyer and accountant on the board and others are totally opposed. Opinion is divided on the...

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What’s the right number of board of directors?

We are frequently asked ‘How many directors do we need to have on our board’? The board only needs 3-4 directors to do the actual work of governing (setting the direction for the organization, developing policies, overseeing & monitoring organizational...

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Even in a crisis, your role is to govern

The Chair’s role and responsibilities do not change during a crisis like the current pandemic. The essential role of the Chair generally, and in a crisis, is to manage the board and its work and ensure that the board continues to govern. This is a time when some board...

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Pivot or double down

I hear the word “pivot” a lot lately. It seems like everyone is pivoting or they think they should consider pivoting. It seems like it’s the new business buzz word during this pandemic, but I’m not sure I completely understand what it is meant to describe. If I look...

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